Bridal Coordinator

Bridal Coordinator

Jessyka was born and raised in a small community in Northern, CA. The same small town that owner Megan grew up in. You could say they are pretty close, as they are family, as Jessyka is Megan’s sister-in-law.

From a young age Jessyka was taught to be creative, use her  imagination, and dream BIG! This allowed her to believe anything was possible, big or small, and all she had to do was never give up on that dream.

She has been in the wedding industry for years, as a wedding coordinator and wedding floral designer. Her passion and purpose is to spread love, inspire others, and build confidence in those around her.

It is her hope that with the aid of her recommendations coupled by her ‘prep work’, Jessyka can establish the foundation for success that her clients demand to continue on with their desired styles while maintaining the integrity and appeal of their look as well as undeniable confidence in their stride!

Looking for a someone to help take the stress off your wedding day? Want someone to be the point of contact and scheduling when your vendors should show up, so you don’t have to? Hire Jessyka as your Wedding Day Coordinator, and let her make sure your wedding goes smoothly!

From the Luxe Team:
Jessyka’s determination and passion for making her clients feel beautiful and surpassing expectations makes her the perfect addition to the team and also a great Coordinator for our Bridal Services! She is always quick to give her professional advice and help others when needed, as well as give back to the community.