Owner / Team Lead

Megan Ward came to Spokane as a young hair artist looking for a salon that reflected her passion and dedication for both her clients and the industry. Unable to find a salon that matched her passion to excel in the beauty industry, she began her own journey opening a salon in her home.

The Luxe vision began in Megan’s basement with her first salon called Back Door Salon.

Within a short time, her salon grew in clientele and in hair and beauty specialists and Luxe was created. The salon was run for a few years from Megan’s home with limited services. She knew the potential of the salon and wanted to further expand. A central location in Spokane became available and Megan knew it was her opportunity to host clients in a larger commercial location and expand her list of beauty services.

Luxe Salon and Medspa opened in September of 2017 on Francis Avenue in Spokane Washington and is now a premier hair salon and medical spa.

Megan’s passion for health and beauty continues to grow. Determined to offer a higher level of service, expertise and industry products, she has diligently grown her team of professionals who share the same drive to develop their knowledge, skill and provide outstanding results to clients. The Luxe team is constantly pushed to evolve with trends and are encouraged to work together and participate in professional training opportunities.

Our Specialists

Luxe is committed to supporting our artists with advanced education and the finest product lines to continue to provide you with the excellent services you have come to enjoy in our chairs. Because of your support, we can promote our artists and celebrate their hard work! These promotions accomplish two main goals:

  1. To provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team.
  2. To provide several options for your various service needs.

Service providers achieve promotions based on the demand for their time.

Guests may choose the artist that best fits their needs and their budget. The training our team receives is aggressive, consistent, innovative, and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues through their entire career with us.

Click below to view our artist level pricing chart:

Brooklyn Hubert

Medspa Practice Manager

Vicky Gay

Extension Manager | Extension Specialist
Master Artist

Erica Eberly

Lead Stylist | Extension Specialist
Master Specialist

Mellissa Hallenbeck

Extension Specialist
Master Artist

Shailee Osborn

Extension Specialist
Hair Designer

Jacy Towne

Extension Specialist
Master Artist

Kristi Ward

Nurse Practitioner | Injector

Sharon Wells

Master Nurse Injector

spokane nurse injector brennan brown

Brennan Brown

RN Nurse Injector

Jadah Day

Extension Specialist
Hair Designer

Samantha Hearn

Extension Specialist
Master Artist

Sophia Smith

Master Esthetician/
Certified Detox by Rebecca Provider

Brianna Carroll

Master Esthetician | Powder Brow Specialist

Beth Christen

Master Esthetician

Tiffany Elberg

Master Esthetician

Kylee Wing

Master Lash Artist

Olivia Ward

Lash Artist | Master Esthetician

Autumn Lynch

Esthetician & Master Lash Artist

Brighten Evans

Designer Lash Artist

Trinity Work

Master Lash Artist | Master Esthetician

Robin Thomas

Massage Therapist

Whitney Chamberlin

Master Artist

Brooke Somes

Extension Specialist
Master Specialist

Flor Recendez

Event Styling Specialist
Hair Designer

Julie Tanti

Hair Artist | Aesthetician

Taylor Serrin

Business Operations Manager

Stacy Watson

Patient Care Manager

Aida Meric

Salon Director

Kaci Harman

Hair Apprentice

Grace Hertz

Hair Apprentice

Claire Bastedo

Hair Artist

Peyton Donovan

Hair Artist