Meet Our Specialists

to create an experience for our clients from the moment you enter our salon.

thrives on the ability to empower women and have them leave feeling more beautiful and confident.

is to create magic in an inclusive environment where everyone collaborates in order to make goals happen.

is positive, innovative, and passionate about our industry and people.

Megan Ward

Megan Ward came to Spokane as a young hair artist looking for a salon that reflected her passion and dedication for both her clients and the industry. Unable to find what a salon that matched her passion to excel in the beauty industry, she began her own journey opening her own salon in her home.

The Luxe vision began in Megan’s basement with her first salon called Back Door Salon.

Within a short time, her salon grew in clientele and in hair and beauty specialists and Luxe. was created. The salon was run for a few years from Megan’s home with limited services. She knew the potential of the salon and wanted to further expand. A central location in Spokane became available and Megan knew it was her opportunity to host clients in a larger commercial location and expand her list of beauty services.

Luxe. Salon and Spa opened in September of 2017 on Francis Avenue in Spokane Washington and is now a premier hair salon as well as medical spa.

Megan’s passion for health and beauty continues to grow. Determined to offer a higher level in service, expertise and industry products, she has diligently grown her team to professionals who share the same drive to develop their knowledge, skill and provide outstanding results to clients. The Luxe. team is constantly pushed to evolve with trends and are encouraged to work together and participate in professional training opportunities.