Hand-Tied Hair Extensions At LUXE.

Luxe. Salon & Spa offers hair extensions to meet the hair goals and desires of their clients.

Hair extensions are priced by desired length, thickness and color.
We offer Babe Flat-Tip and Habit Hand-Tied Extension Method.

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Check out the video on hand tied hair extensions and see the beautiful result of installation.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions At LUXE.


Habit Hand Tied Extension Method by Chrissy Rasmussen

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are the best quality method of hair extensions available. The Hand Tied Method’s unique installation creates natural and healthy results that go beyond our clients’ goals and expectations. At LUXE we choose to offer the Habit hand-tied installation of hair extensions for the quality and comfort it provides to our clients.

What to Expect

With this installation method, beads are placed around small sections of your natural hair in rows. They sit flat against your scalp and act as the anchors for the extensions to attach to. Real hair wefts are then tied to the beads sections. The weft hair extensions are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create a small weft size that will blend seamlessly into your natural hair and texture.

During your complimentary consultation, clients are able to view as well as try-on different lengths and colors of hair extensions to decide what works for them and their goals. Your stylists can then determine how many rows of wefts will suit your hair the best.

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Extension Specialist

The Experience - From Kayla Montee

Common Q&A

Hair extensions add volume to thin or thinning hair and add length and volume to your natural hair.  Our clients say it is something they don’t regret.

The technique was created by Hair by Chrissy where the wefts (strips of hair) are added to your hair by beading and then they hand-tie the wefts to your natural hair. It is not as easy as tape-ins, but it is better for your hair. I’ve read reviews that state that their hair was much healthier going with this type of extension verses the other types out there.

Clip-in hair extensions are, of course, only temporary which is a disadvantage depending on your specific needs. They require added caution in some circumstances and are not able to be worn while sleeping without causing damage to both your natural hair and extensions.

The hair itself can last up to a year if you use the right hair products and limit your use of hot tools. The extensions have to be moved up every 10-12 weeks which depends on the speed of your hair growth. When you get them moved up each time, you just get the rows moved up and you may need some color touch up too. You don’t purchase new hair each time. Expect to get them adjusted 4-5 times a year. That’s it.

They can seem heavy at first until you get use to them. They don’t pull on your hair. If you have a sensitive head, options will be discussed during your consultation visit.

You can treat them the same way that you treat your normal hair. We recommend our salon grade hair products to extend the life of your investment of quality hair extensions. Typically you’ll only need to wash your hair once a week, and be sure to use some oil on the ends to keep the hair conditioned. They are a little heavy and much thicker so it takes a little longer to blow dry. But, once they are styled, the extensions keep the curls for many days longer!

Pricing is determined during your complimentary consultation. This amount varies based on factors including length, color, amount of hair as well as hair availability.

Sleep like normal however do not go to bed with wet hair! Blow dry your hair, at least at the base so there isn’t excess moisture sitting where the extensions are connected to your real hair.

The Habit Hand-Tied extensions are real hair. They are cut by gathering hair together and keeping all the strands going in the same direction (versus letting hair fall to the ground and gathering). The hair is then hand-tied versus machine tied, in a thin row to create the most seamless fit possible onto your hair. They are not bulky or heavy like other machine-developed extensions tend to be. Natural hair is the preferred choice to obtain fuller and longer hair that feels and styles like your real hair. *Bring out your natural beauty!*