Hair Extensions

Luxe. Salon & Spa offers hair extensions to meet the hair goals and desires of our clients.
Hair extensions are priced by desired length, thickness and color.
We offer Babe Flat-Tip and the Habit Hand-Tied Extension Method.

Fill out our HAIR EXTENSION INQUIRY FROM and one of our Specialist will be in contact with you to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Please note: Due to the nature of the hair extension service, no refunds or exchanges will be given. All hair extension services are final.



Hand Tied Hair Extensions are the best quality method of hair extensions available. The Hand-Tied Method’s unique installation creates natural and healthy results that go beyond our clients’ goals and expectations. At LUXE. Salon & Spa we choose to offer the Habit Hand-Tied installation of hair extensions for the quality and comfort it provides to our clients and their desired finished look.


With this installation method, beads are placed around small sections of your natural hair in rows. They sit flat against your scalp and act as the anchors for the extensions to attach to. Real hair wefts are then tied to the beads sections. The weft hair extensions are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create a small weft size that will blend seamlessly into your natural hair and texture.

During your complimentary consultation, clients are able to view as well as try-on different lengths and colors of hair extensions to decide what works for them and their goals. Your extension specialist team can then determine how many rows of wefts will suit your hair the best.