Laser Hair Removal

Luxe. Salon & Spa offers the newest technology in laser hair removal, the Clear + Brilliant Pelo™ laser hair removal system. Laser hair removal is a method for getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. It involves using a concentrated beam of light (laser light) to destroy hair follicles. The laser light is directed at hair follicles whose pigments absorb the light. The light energy is converted to heat, which then destroys or at least damages the hair follicles. Lasers can be used to remove hair from most body parts, and common treatment areas include the back, legs, arms, chest, face, and bikini area.

Benefits and Types

Laser hair removal has many benefits, especially when compared to other methods of hair removal.

  • Laser Hair Removal is very fast, although the time it takes depends mainly on the size of the area being targeted.
  • Lasting Results. Unlike other forms of hair removal like shaving and waxing where it takes days or weeks before the hair grows back, hair effectively removed by laser won’t grow back for several months or years. If/when it does grow back, the hair is finer (less coarse), lighter, and not as visible as it was before. In some cases, the hair is permanently gone and never grows back.

How to Prepare

If you’ve decided to have laser hair removal, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare for treatment.

  • Avoid sunless tanning. This includes spray tanning and the use of tanning beds.
  • Avoid tanning under the sun. You should always protect your skin with sunscreen every single day.
  • If possible, avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks to a month before and after your procedure.
  • Hold off on other hair removal methods like threading, waxing, and electrolysis for at least a month before your procedure’s scheduled date. This is so that the follicles on the area you’ll be using the laser on won’t be disturbed.

During the Procedure

  • Before the procedure begins, the hair that’s to be removed will be trimmed very low, or your medical assistant might have instructed you to shave it the day before.
  • The skin area will be cleansed and numbing gel may be applied for an additional charge. If a numbing gel is applied, you can expect to wait 30 minutes to an hour for the effects of the gel to kick in.
  • Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable, and the sensation you may feel has been described as akin to warm pinpricks or rubber bands being repeatedly snapped against your skin.
  • You can expect to see results immediately—your hair will start to fall out in the following weeks. It’s also important that you follow your medical assistant’s instructions on protecting and taking care of your skin after your laser hair removal.


With linear scanning, a diode laser beam is scanned through the treatment area, selectively inducing thermal damage in the hair follicles without injuring the surrounding epidermis. Linear scanning offers the advantage of high power density in the actual laser beam. This allows for high fluences in short pulses, making the beam highly effective. The Clear + Brilliant Pelo™ hand piece covers one of the largest treatment sizes available, an area of 50mm X 15mm. As a result, large treatment areas require fewer positioning of the device so sessions are fast. Hair removal on the back, for example, averages just 10 minutes. The combination of the laser beam density and the capacity to treat large areas in a single pulse make the Clear + Brilliant Pelo™ system more than 5 times faster than traditional diode lasers while equally effective.

Clear + Brilliant Pélo™ hand piece has a powerful contact cooling system featuring sapphire glass which quickly chills to numb the skin and minimize pain – no numbing cream required! And regardless of skin type, hair thickness, or hair color, we can precisely customize the patient experience for a fast, effective, and comfortable laser hair removal treatment.


Due to the built-in cooling system of the sapphire glass, no numbing cream is required and minimal pain is experienced in this gentle treatment. The redness and swelling of typical laser hair removal is minimized. Most patients describe a pricking feeling and a sensation of heat or coldness during the treatment. You may experience mild redness which generally resolves within a few hours.

Depending upon the area treated, we recommend 6 sessions in specific intervals:

Face/armpit/bikini: every 4-6 weeks
Larger body area: every 6-8 weeks
Arms and legs: every 6-10 weeks


The Clear + Brilliant Pelo™ laser is effective for hair removal where any unwanted hair is present. The most popular areas for females are facial hair and bikini line, and for males we see most requests for chest and back hair removal.